Day 17: Foray into the Khumbu Ice Fall

We ventured into the Khumbu Ice Fall today to get a taste of what’s ahead tomorrow when start our first 5-day rotation to through the Ice Fall and onto Camps 1 & 2. We went in about the third of the way before heading back to Base Camp for a late lunch. In the afternoon, […]

Day 16: Acclimatization Hike to Pumori Base Camp

Today we went on an acclimatization hike to Pumori Base Camp which is over 300 m (1,000 ft) higher than Everest Base Camp. The hike to stretch our legs was much more strenuous than expected. On the way back, I felt pretty congested and achy as if I’m coning down with a cold. Tomorrow we […]

Day 15: Training Day

We spent most of the day seriously training and practicing ascending vertical ice walls, repelling down and crossing ladders in preparation to the notoriously dangerous Khumbu Ice Fall crossing. Our guides setup a great course on the edge of the Ice Fall. Everyone did well and had a great time running the course although pretty […]

Day 14: Puja Day

Today is Puja Day: a ceremony to ask for permission to climb Sagarmatha (Everest) and blessing all climbers and Sherpas for safe passage. No Sherpa will climb Everest without going through the Puja Ceremony. The ceremony is focused around a Stupa (Alter) built by the Sherpas in front of which everyone gathers around and follows […]

Day 13: Skills and Techniques Review

Today was a leisurely day at Base Camp as we continue to acclimatize to the high altitude of 5334 meters. To keep the legs fresh and the blood flowing, we took a short hike to the edge of the  reviewed some basic skills such as using crampons on hard ice and using ascenders (also known as jumars) […]

Day 12: Rest Day at Base Camp

We spent most of our morning continuing to unpack and getting settled into our new environment. Shortly thereafter, I walked around the humongous Base Camp and visited with a few friends. It took about 45 minutes to walk from one end of BC to another. I also stopped by the HRA (Himalayan Rescue Association) tent, […]

Day 11: Lobuche to Everest Base Camp

Under beautiful blue skies, we got on our way for the final leg of our trek to Everest Base Camp. The trail between Lobuche and Gorak Shep, the last stop before EBC, gradually rises under a very rocky terrain. We stopped in Gorak Shep for a long leisurely break. After rehydrating with some warm drinks, […]

Day 10: Rest Day in Lobuche

Today is is rest day to further acclimatize at an altitude of 5000 m. We took a short acclimatization hike to the Italian Pyramid Laboratory-Observatory also known as the High Altitude Research Science & Technology Research Centre at an altitude of 5050 m asl. After a tour of the station, we headed back to our […]

Day 9: Pheriche to Lobuche

As it snow flurried throughout the night, we woke up to about an inch of snow dusting. We had our usual breakfast at 7:30 AM and hit the trail an hour later. We hiked through the wet, rocky and lightly muddy trail to the outpost town of Thokla (Dughla) at 4620. We were surrounded by the […]

Day 8: Rest day in Pheriche

Today is a rest day in Pheriche. Rest Day doesn’t mean we just sit around and hangout; it’s more to the fact that we’re not moving from one spot to another. After the daily 7:30 AM breakfast, we set off on a nice acclimatization hike climbing 588 vertical meters up to 4828 m, 10 meters […]