Days 23, 24, 25: First Rotation, Rest & Adventures in the Icefall

Early morning in the Icefall.

Early morning in the Icefall.

The first rotation to camps 1 & 2 is now over and everyone is safely back in Base Camp. We now have a few days to rest our bodies and recover from the high altitude before starting our second rotation to Camp 3 in six or seven days. The team is doing well and we’re all together again with the last two team members having arrived today.

To keep my legs fresh and continue improving my cardio and stamina, once again I climbed into the Khumbu Icefall early this morning leaving at 6 AM and returning to Base Camp in time for lunch.

We will keep oursvelves busy over the next few rest days by doing some ice climbing at the edge of the Icefall, taking a few hikes to possibly Pumori Camp 1 or simply go back into the Icefall.

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