Elbrus Day 7 – Sunday July 15, 2012

As our fearless leader would say: hello there friends, family and loved ones!!! After getting settled in our huts yesterday, we gobbled a big breakfast to provide us with enough energy and fuel for the day ahead. Under clear blue skies, we departed from our high camp and climbed up to 15,000ft/4572m just above an area called Pastukov Rocks to continue our acclimatization process. This is the spot where we will be launching from for our Summit bid to the top of Europe the day after tomorrow.

The Mountain Czars climbing to Pastukov Rocks.

The Team is doing fantastic and looks as strong as ever.We were all climbing in sync with very efficient footwork and good climbing skills using crampons.

Resting at Pastukov Rocks and above the clouds.

On the way down, we decided to have a little fun and slide down the mountain. We put on some trash compactor plastic bags and zoomed down 2,500ft/762m down the hill to our base camp.

Glissading down the mountain from 15,000ft.

Tomorrow morning we plan on reviewing some crevasse rescue skills and work on self-arrest technique which is needed in case anyone slips down the steep ridge leading up to the Summit.

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