K2: Escaping from Skardu

As local contact Mirza Ali is unable to fly me out of Skardu to Islamabad, I decided to buy a used motorcycle for couple $$$ and solo ride it out on the Karakorum Highway 18 hours to Islamabad. I do have a decent map on my t-shirt; what could go wrong?

K2: Breaking down Base Camp and trekking out

Breaking down K2 Base Camp & trekking out on the Baltoro Glacier to Skardu.. #K22015 & Broad Peak Expeditions officially over. No summits by anyone!

K2: K2 says NO!

      K2 says NO! Conditions are extremely dangerous & weather is unfavorable the next 10 days. There will be no K2 Summits in 2015.

K2: Conditions are getting worse!

It’s been 8 days since we’ve been back from our last rotation to K2 Camp 2+ and have been patiently waiting at Base Camp for our Summit window. The forecast doesn’t look good and climbing conditions on the mountain are worse. Earlier today, the super strong Swiss Team led by Mike Horn abandoned their Summit […]

K2: Grounded at Base Camp – Sad news

Woke up to a snow blanketed Base Camp and sad news today at both K2 and Broad Peak Base Camps: 1 fatality and 2 injuries including a serious one. An avalanche on Broad Peak crushed a high altitude guide/porter accompanying a Chinese and Japanese climbers. The porter perished under the avalanche and the other two […]

K2: Acclimatization Rotation Recap

Rotation Day 1: Saturday July 11, 2015 We moved up from Base Camp (BC) to Advanced Base Camp in a swift two hours and 30 minutes. The climb wasn’t easy due to soft and deep snow conditions while carrying over 55 lbs (25 Kg) packs climbing from 5000 to 5300 meters. There were many time where […]

K2: Puja Day

Earlier this afternoon we had a mini Puja which is a Sherpa Nepali/Tibetan Spiritual Ceremony to allow for safe passage and return. You can read my detailed description about it here: http://www.ashkar.com/everest/puja-day/

K2: Rest day at K2 Base Camp

Today was  a well earned rest day after the long and treacherous journey from Islamabad to Skardu to Askole onto K2BC. We got cleaned up by taking bucket showers, doing a little laundry (also in buckets) and organizing our gear. It was good to be reunited with Kami Sherpa who was with us on the […]

K2: Arrived at K2 Base Camp

We made it to K2 Base Camp and that final leg of the trek was memorable. We started walking at 5:00 AM and the light on K2 was simply amazing. Seduced by the magical beaty of this mountain, I elected to take the straight through trail down the glacier instead of the moraine as if […]

K2: Arrived in Concordia, one day away from K2BC

        We are getting closer to K2 Base Camp. Knowing today as a short one we woke up late around 6:30 AM, ate a good breakfast and headed towards Concordia Camp. We made the trek in less than three hours. Travel on the Baltoro Glacier has actually gotten easier as we climbed […]