Vinson: Delayed in Punta Arenas

We got the call this morning at 6 AM from ALE and unfortunately it was not what we wanted to hear. We are not flying to Union Glacier Base Camp as the wind is blowing well over 35 knots and our departure is being delayed. We were told by ALE there’s a slight possibility that we would be flying out in the evening around 8 PM but that was canceled as well.┬áThe latest update has us departing at 4 AM.

Shackleton's ad for his Antarctic journey.

Shackleton’s ad for his Antarctic journey.

So the team split up in various groups today and did our own thing. I decided to check out Shackleton’s Bar for lunch while some relaxed in their hotel rooms and got caught up on sleep trying to get rid of minor colds and coughs. Others decided to carry their backpacks and go on a 2-hour hike along the scenic cost.

Rosier, Tom and Roberto on a "coastal" hike near the Straight of Magellan.

Rosier, Tom and Roberto on a “coastal” hike near the Straight of Magellan.

In the evening, all but Roha who’s still not feeling well, went out to a really nice restaurant for dinner. We enjoyed some good food as it might be our last good meal. So we’re all headed to bed now for about 4 hours of sleep before we get the call to depart for Antarctica!

Dinner at La Marmita.

Dinner at La Marmita.

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