Kilimanjaro Day 6: Kosovo Camp & Summit Push

Hello everyone! Today marks the beginning of our Summit push making for an interesting and physically demanding upcoming 36 hours. We left Karanga Camp early this morning and made our way to our high camp called Kosovo Camp at an altitude of 4800m/15,750ft. We chose to climb a bit higher to Kosovo Camp instead of Barafu Camp below to give us a head start on the other climbers and avoid crowds on the trail.

Leaving Karanga Camp and on the way up Kilimanjaro.

The plan is to rest most of the afternoon, have an early dinner around 6PM, try to sleep for a few hours before an 11PM wake up call and a midnight/1AM departure for the Summit.

Climbing above Barafu Camp to Kosovo Camp.

We will be climbing all night with head lamps and the light of the half moon. We should arriving at the Summit as the Sun is rising and making for spectacular views. Once we get ┬áto the Summit, celebrate, take pictures, etc…, we will be descending back to our camp, pack our gear and continue on down further to Millenium Camp at an altitude of 3810m/12,500ft. By the time we get to Millenium Camp, we would have been up for nearly 36 hours (not counting if we were able to sleep from 7PM to 11PM on Summit eve).

Resting and discussing our Summit bid at Kosovo Camp.

‘Twas the night before Summit push, when all through the Camp. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

Ta-ta for now and the next time you hear from me should be after Summiting to the roof of Africa.

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