Kilimanjaro Day 3: Shira Camp

We left the Machame Camp early this morning and headed across the mountain to Shira Camp. On our way, the landscape dramatically changed from the heath forest to moor lands littered with two species of giant groundsel, Senecios and Lobelia.

On the way from Machame Camp to Shira Camp.

Landscape on the way to Shira Camp.

As we continued to ascend to the Shira plateau, we crossed a little valley while walking along a steep rocky ridge followed by a river gorge. After a nice big lunch, we continued on our way to Camp 2 known as Shira Camp.

Lunch break on the Shira plateau.

We settled into our tents and as we relaxed until dinner time, we were treated to some amazing views of the top of Kilimanjaro on one side and dramatic sunset views on the other side with clouds hovering over the african plains.

It was another big elevation gain day as we ascended from 2850m/9,350ft to 3810m/12,500ft while covering a distance of 8 km/5 miles.

Relaxing at Shira Camp.

Shira Camp.

Hanging out at Camp 2.

Sunset at Shira.

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